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1. Email all offers to

    Note: A confirmation email will send to you by the end of the day.

              If you send out the offer past 6 pm of the day, please expect

              the confirmation email reach you by noon next business day.


2. Please use CAR contract on all REO offers.

    Please use "Owner of Record" as seller on contract.


3. Please make sure offer includes all required documents with correct   

    information on it.


4. Please make sure offer includes Pre-Approval Letter for non-cash offer

    and Proof-of-Fund.


5. Please includes a cover page stating -

    (a) Subject property address.

    (b) Date of offer.

    (c) Buyer(s) full legal name(s)

    (d) This purchase is for investment or owner-occupied

    (e) Selling agent name

    (f ) Selling agent DRE#

    (g) Selling agent email address

    (h) Selling agent preferred phone number

    (i ) Selling agent preferred fax number

    (J ) Selling agent firm name

    (k ) Selling agent firm address

    (c) Offer terms -

          1. Purchase amount

          2. Earnest money deposit amount and percentage

          3. Down payment amount and percentage

          4. Closing date

          5. Loan amount and percentage for non-cash offer

          6. Loan type

          7. Types of contingencies and time frame of the contingencies.

          8. Inspection Time


6. Please provide a copy of the INITIAL DEPOSIT CHECK for the amount for the

    Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and please write to "Title Company"


7. Please allow 3 business days as offer response time.


8. If special requirement stated on the private section of MLS, please email

    us at

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